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Is a name recognized around the world as a leader in primary and secondary log processing machinery, as well as providing log and board optimization systems for the progressive sawmill. Since its founding in 1983, Optimil’s objective has been to help progressive sawmillers produce more lumber from their existing wood resource.

In 1995, Optimil acquired EDEM Steel LTD., a manufacturer of EDEM vibrating conveyors. IN 2002, Optimil  acquired Omega Controls (1990) Ltd., a manufacturer of industrial electrical panels, operator consoles and control cabinets. These operations are fully integrated into our organization and have increased the service we provide to customers in the forestry industry and many new industries. 

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with a U.S. office in Birmingham, Alabama, Optimil’s dedicated team of professionals convert your unique specifications into reality. Optimil projects completed in the last three years alone have resulted in annual savings equal to more than 15 million logs. If your goal is to produce more lumber from your wood resource, Optimil can make it happen.

Optimil’s production facility includes over 100,000 square feet (10,000 m2) and a dedicated team of experienced engineering and shop personnel. With onsite machinery including a Laser Table, Burn Table, Horizontal Boring mills, CNC Milling and Turning Centres, we can maintain our strict quality controls throughout the production process.

Each of the machines produced each year are designed utilizing the latest in CAD and SOLIDWORKS technology and are manufactured under a strict quality assurance program, utilizing CNC machine centres to assure maximum accuracy.  Our dedicated staff of experienced shop personnel complete the production process and our responsive field support staff ensure that your start-up and ongoing operation runs at peak efficiency.