• Headrigs
  • Twin bandmills
  • Quad bandmills
  • Tandem horizontal bandmill


Optimil’s proven high strain Bandmills are designed to achieve the highest feed rates and the lowest sawing deviation.  Low friction linear bearing slideways achieve shorter set times and greater accuracy.  The over hung design allows close coupling and minimizes sawing deviation.  The air-over-oil strain provides fast response, excellent dampening, low maintenance and high accuracy.  Remote tilt allows for faster saw changes. Optimil Bandmills operate at up to 30,000 lb strain to achieve improved accuracy.

Canter feed systems

The Optimil Canter feed system consists of a heavy duty Auto Rotation Conveyor, Log Turner, and Skewing Slewing and Tilting Infeed, which are designed to present the log to the cutting section in precisely the correct position as calculated by the optimization software to achieve maximum yield.

  • Auto Rotation conveyor

This heavy duty log conveyor transports the log to the Log Turner while facilitating single or double scanners. This design with v-flights minimizes settle down time and maintains log stability during transport. Automatic lubrication and air chain tension yield long chain life and low maintenance.

  • Log Turner

The Optimil Log Turner is designed to rotate the log to achieve the optimum cutting solution. Accurate log rotation is achieved through linear movement of the vertically driven spiked feedrolls. 

  • Options
  • Dual or Quad roll design
  • Hydraulic or Electric drive
  • 12″, 20″ & 30″ Opening
  • 36″, 48″ & 60″ Roll face
  • Side shifting for optimum log positioning with skew & slew canter infeeds
  • Extended Length Infeed

Skewing Slewing Tilting Infeed presents the log to the cutting section in precisely the correct position as calculated by the optimization software to achieve maximum yield. We achieve responsive setworks through the use of linear positioners. The pneumatically tensioned high speed roller chain provides accurate transport and the close coupled overhead hold down rolls maintain control of short logs.  Pre positioning rolls control the log as it enters the bottom head chipping assembly or sharp chain system. With 100+ infeeds operating to date, we have the experience.

CANter out-feed systems


  • Two Sided Canter with Conical Side Heads

Conical side heads are designed to produce two sided cants while achieving the highest quality chips and maintaining the horizontal feed position of the log. 30 degree sideways, incorporating low friction linear bearings produce consistent quality chips and optimum accuracy. The patented non-rotating anvil provides superior log guiding and minimum deviation through the chipping section. A facing saw can be added for improved finish.

  • Options
  • Bolt-on or one piece style incorporating flow through chip pocket
  • Babbitt or replaceable tip knives (eg: Key Knife, Iggesund)
  • 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 Knife style
  • Four Sided Canter with Drum Heads

Drum heads with spline guiding offer feed rates of 750 fpm while maintaining chip quality. Low friction linear bearings are used to achieve fast accurate sets and provide long wear life.  All modules are line bored and oven stress relieved to maintain accuracy

Edger Optimizers

Edger Optimizer System Consists of:

  • S-Shape unscrambler
  • Viewing deck
  • Buffer deck
  • Edger infeed
  • Queuing deck
  • 3 saw / 4 saw board edger

gang saws

  • vertical arbor gang saws

Optimil Vertical Arbor Gangs are designed for maximum throughput and maximum sawing accuracy. Our unique swing out door design enables quick and easy saw changes. Thin kerf climb cutting saws yield efficient sawing and improved throughput. Superior cant control is achieved through a design incorporating large roll diameters and close roll centers


  • single or double arbor


  • Aluminium Guides
  • Steel Guides
  • Splined Sleeves or Splined Arbor
  • Shifting Arbor
  • Shifting Guides
  • Circular gang saws

Thin Kerf high speed climb cutting circular gangs are manufactured for straight and/or curve sawing applications. Frames and components are oven stress relieved and line bored to achieve a finished product with minimal sawing deviation. Clam shell opening facilitates speedy saw changes and better access for maintenance. Press rolls incorporate SmartRoll™ technology to control the piece while positioning it through the saws.

saw sections – horizontal balanced cut hqae 

The new balance Cut Saw Box features a unique method to setting the saws to balance the depth of cut on cants being processed. Our system ties both the upper and the lower saws together and shifts both vertically at the same time. By re-positioning the saw guides, We have decreased the feed roll center thus providing better control of the cants as they are processed. These assemblies are mounted on precision liner slide ways for smooth accurate positioning. The drive assembly for the new Saw Box is remote mounted, which removes the weight of the monitors and drive from the systems, allowing for smoother and faster setting of the saws. This system is installed and running at over 600fpm on Southern Yellow Pine.

sharp chain systems

Designed for today’s high speed sawmills running at over 400 FPM, the Optimil sharp chain system provides positive dogging and accurate transport through the cutting modules (Chipper heads, bandsaws or circular saws).

The chain is side guided prior to the cutting modules for improved accuracy. The heavy duty planetary drive assembly, along with the vector drive provides precise feed speeds for quality chipping and accurate sawing.


  • Automatic lubrication for improved chain life
  • Replaceable chain raceway for ease of maintenance
  • Precision machined sprockets
  • Greasable stepped pin
  • Heavy duty connecting links

trimmer and sorter systems

  • hi-speed optimized trimmers
  • bin sorters for automated wet and dry sorts.

CSA UL PAnel shop

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On site metal fabrication, forming and painting allow us to produce custom operator cabs, consoles, industrial enclosures and many other products.


  • Motor Controls 
  • Motor Starters
  • PLC Panels
  • Operator Consoles
  • HMI Panels
  • Protective Relay Panels
  • Remote Control and Telemetry
  • Soft-start Controllers
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Power Factor Correction Systems
  • Custom Products
  • Pre-engineered Products


  • Pulp and Paper               
  • Mining
  • Food Processing
  • Power Generation
  • Minerals Processing
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • HVAC
  • Pumping Stations
  • Oil Refining
  • Sawmills
  • Agriculture


  • Designing
  • Programming
  • Procurement
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Certification
  • Commissioning
  • Documentation
  • CAN/CSA C22.2 #14-95
  • ANSI/UL 508
  • Class 3211 07 & 87
  • CSA and US: Certifications for a Quality Company

Our shop is certified by the Canadian Standards Association to manufacture industrial control panels to CSA C22.1#14 and UL 508. Our panels are therefore certified for use in Canada and the United States

  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA):

The Canadian Standards Association is an independent, not-for-profit organization that develops standards and applies them through product certification, management systems registration and information products.

  • Canadian Certification:

Panels bearing the designation CSA are certified to meet the requirements of CSA C22.2 No.14 (Industrial Control Equipment) and are approved for use throughout Canada.

  • Canadian and US Certification:

Products designated CSA us are certified to have been built in accordance with or exceed the applicable requirements of CSA C22.2 #14 and UL 508 and are approved for use in Canada and the United States.   See “US Certification” for description of American certification.


For more info. Please Call (604) 946-4637

plc controls / scanning

  • bucking optimization

The Bucking Optimizer begins with the end in mind, because decisions made at the bucking station are critical to downstream success. 3-D vision systems provide high-resolution scan data to the powerful and easy to use Windows NT™ 4.0 based Bucking optimization software. This photo-realistic graphic software gives mills the ability to define log and board products and prioritize them according to order schedules.

Auto Rotation

  • Completely configurable to model machinery and fine-tune operation includes parameters to:

    • model the estimated accuracy of the turner machinery
    • control the points to start and end turning log
    • control the angle to turn logs with normal sweep
    • set number of possible turn orientations for the optimizer to consider (up to 64)
    • control turning for defect

Log optimization

The Log Optimizer is completely configurable to model machinery in mill applications such as sharp chains, EDLFs, Chip N Saws, and shifting and skewing double-length infeed systems. Including a wide list of parameters to model.  The system can be fine tuned to a mill’s specific needs.

Cant optimization         

Completely configurable to model machinery including parameters to model:

  • all saw, chipper, clamp, and pin characteristics
  • gang saw spacing, including fixed or variable board spacing
  • cant positioning methods
  • machine centers with left or right linebars and cant rotation
  • all common curve sawing machine centers (both mechanically-guided & numerically-controlled)
  • lineal and transverse
  • Edger Optimization

Completely configurable to model machinery includes parameters to model:

  • any saw and chipper combination
  • wane-up or wane-down processing
  • left or right infeed systems
  • edgers that set on the fly
  • skewing and non-skewing infeed edgers
  • multi-board optimization, including edgers that split boards horizontally downstream
  • lineal or transverse 
  • edger trimmer optimization

Completely configurable to model machinery

  • define trimmer saw positions
  • model fence travel characteristics
  • limit the dimensions of pieces that are sent to the trimmer
  • model number and type of tipples, the material types each handles, and tipple arm positions
  • define the dimensions of waste blocks
  • lineal and transverse
  • MillController

MillController is a mill-wide multivariable process control system that uses a real-time closed-loop negative feedback process to adjust sawmill production

Functional overview

  1. uses information from downstream machine centers to adjust production at upstream machine centers
  1. provides automatic control over product mix
  2. provides board product scheduling
  3. works with the optimization software at each machine center throughout the mill, from the bucking station to the log sorter, to the turner and primary breakdown, to the canter and edger, and to the trimmer. Each connected optimizer sends information about each solution to MillController to let MillController determine the actual production of each active board product included in the list of active orders, then adjusts production to suit

vibrating conveyors

EDEM vibrating conveyors are used around the world to convey, sort, and screen materials for many different industries, including Wood Processing, Food Processing, Recycling, Pulp & Paper, Engineered Wood and Foundries. Vibrating Conveyors provide a more even flow of material than can be achieved with belt conveyors. In addition, our Metal Detectors and Magnet Traps enable us to screen out undesirable materials from the production process.

EDEM manufactured by Optimil Machinery Inc. and sold around the world through Distributors and Engineering Consultants, who are aware of the unique capabilities and the quality and support offered to each customer. Our goal is to work with each customer to meet their specific conveying needs. With over 1000 vibrating conveyors in operation around the world, we have the experience to solve your conveying challenges.

  • EDEM Product line

The heart of every EDEM Medium, Heavy and Extra   Heavy duty vibrating conveyor is our rugged coil spring/eccentric shaft drive assembly. While simple in design, our coil springs are noted for their outstanding performance, and the unique EDEM design has the lowest horsepower requirement of any drive on the market today. Power is provided by a premium, TEFC electric motor and standard “V-Belt” drive. Each conveyor is custom designed and engineered to suit the customer’s exact requirements.

  • coil spring vibrating conveyors

All EDEM Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy duty vibrating conveyors are available in both unbalanced and dynamically balanced configurations.

  • LEaf spring vibrating conveyors

When you need reliability for the Light to Medium duty application, EDEM Leaf Spring Conveyors provide excellent value, and are available in booth unbalanced and dynamically balanced configurations.

TYpical Industry applications Include:

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  1. Cooling
  2. Screening
  3. Packaging 
  1. OSB, MDF and Particle Board
  2. Waste Handling
  3. Chipper Infeed
  4. Screening
  5. Hog Infeed 
  1. Waste Handling
  2. Chipper Infeed
  3. Screening
  4. Hog Infeed
  5. Metal detection
  1. Waste Handling
  2. Screening
  3. De-watering
  4. Metal Detection
  1. Screening
  2. Sorting
  3. Metal-Detection
  • Perforted Plate

We offer a perforated plate to screen low volumes of smaller particles from the flow, which will result in even greater productivity.

  • Finger Screen

For unmatched simplicity and reliability look to our newest screen designs

  • Non-Blinding
  • No Moving Parts
  • Easy To Install / Service / Replace
  • Custom Designed For Your Requirements

Suitable for acreening difficult materials such as pin chips, sawdust from chips, OSB furnish, strand board furnish etc. Finger screens can separate anything from small trimblocks from larger blocks to sawdust from pin chips.

  • edem magnet trap

(US PAT NO. 5,100,538)

Our Patented Magnet Trap is used to remove smaller pieces of iron and steel (tramp metal) before they reach the Metal Detector. The system is only shut down to remove the larger pieces. The result is increased productivity and the elimination of damage caused by attempts to alleviate shutdowns when the operator reduces the sensitivity of the Metal Detector.

  • stroke monitor


  • Sensor detect Ovestroking and Understroking conditions.
  • Stroke Monitor sends an immediate alarm to the customer’s PLC.
  • Protect all of your conveyors with only one PLC
  • Eliminate unnecessary wear and tear on the conveyor parts.