Canter Feed Systems

The Optimil Canter feed system consists of a heavy duty Auto Rotation Conveyor, Log Turner, and Skewing Slewing and Tilting Infeed, which are designed to present the log to the cutting section in precisely the correct position as calculated by the optimization software to achieve maximum yield.

Auto Rotation Conveyor

This heavy duty log conveyor transports the log to the Log Turner while facilitating single or double scanners. This design with v-flights minimizes settle down time and maintains log stability during transport. Automatic lubrication and air chain tension yield long chain life and low maintenance.

Log Turner

The Optimil Log Turner is designed to rotate the log to achieve the optimum cutting solution. Accurate log rotation is achieved through linear movement of the vertically driven spiked feedrolls. 

Custom Options

  • Dual or Quad roll design
  • Hydraulic or Electric drive
  • 12″, 20″ & 30″ Opening
  • 36″, 48″ & 60″ Roll face
  • Side shifting for optimum log positioning with skew & slew canter infeeds

Extended Length Infeed

Skewing Slewing Tilting Infeed presents the log to the cutting section in precisely the correct position as calculated by the optimization software to achieve maximum yield. We achieve responsive setworks through the use of linear positioners. The pneumatically tensioned high speed roller chain provides accurate transport and the close coupled overhead hold down rolls maintain control of short logs. Pre positioning rolls control the log as it enters the bottom head chipping assembly or sharp chain system. With 100+ infeeds operating to date, we have the experience.

Canter Outfeed Systems

Canter Feed System Products

  • Auto Rotation Conveyor
  • Log Turner
  • Custom Options
  • Extended Length Infeed

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