PLC Controls and Scanning

Bucking Optimization

The Bucking Optimizer begins with the end in mind, because decisions made at the bucking station are critical to downstream success. 3-D vision systems provide high-resolution scan data to the powerful and easy to use Windows NT™ 4.0 based Bucking optimization software. This photo-realistic graphic software gives mills the ability to define log and board products and prioritize them according to order schedules.

Auto Rotation

Completely configurable to model machinery and fine-tune operation includes parameters to:

  • model the estimated accuracy of the turner machinery
  • control the points to start and end turning log
  • control the angle to turn logs with normal sweep
  • set number of possible turn orientations for the optimizer to consider (up to 64)
  • control turning for defect

Log Optimization

The Log Optimizer is completely configurable to model machinery in mill applications such as sharp chains, EDLFs, Chip N Saws, and shifting and skewing double-length infeed systems. Including a wide list of parameters to model.  The system can be fine tuned to a mill’s specific needs.

Cant Optimization

Completely configurable to model machinery including parameters to model:

  • all saw, chipper, clamp, and pin characteristics
  • gang saw spacing, including fixed or variable board spacing
  • cant positioning methods
  • machine centers with left or right linebars and cant rotation
  • all common curve sawing machine centers (both mechanically-guided & numerically-controlled)
  • lineal and transverse

Edger Optimization

Completely configurable to model machinery includes parameters to model:

  • any saw and chipper combination
  • wane-up or wane-down processing
  • left or right infeed systems
  • edgers that set on the fly
  • skewing and non-skewing infeed edgers
  • multi-board optimization, including edgers that split boards horizontally downstream
  • lineal or transverse 

Edger Trimmer Optimization

Completely configurable to model machinery

  • define trimmer saw positions
  • model fence travel characteristics
  • limit the dimensions of pieces that are sent to the trimmer
  • model number and type of tipples, the material types each handles, and tipple arm positions
  • define the dimensions of waste blocks
  • lineal and transverse


MillController is a mill-wide multivariable process control system that uses a real-time closed-loop negative feedback process to adjust sawmill production

Functional overview

  1. uses information from downstream machine centers to adjust production at upstream machine centers
  1. provides automatic control over product mix
  2. provides board product scheduling
  3. works with the optimization software at each machine center throughout the mill, from the bucking station to the log sorter, to the turner and primary breakdown, to the canter and edger, and to the trimmer. Each connected optimizer sends information about each solution to MillController to let MillController determine the actual production of each active board product included in the list of active orders, then adjusts production to suit

PLC Controls / Scanning Options

  • Bucking Optimization
  • Auto Rotation
  • Log Optimization
  • Cant Optimization
  • Edger Optimization
  • Edger Trimmer Optimization
  • Millcontroller

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