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A Brief Look At Our Products

Optimil is a world leader in primary log breakdown. Located in Vancouver, Canada, our manufacturing facility covers 10,000 m squared and produces Infeed Systems, Two and Four Sided Canters, Bandmills, Gangsaws, Edgers and PLC Control Systems and more. Optimil gained a reputation with small independent manufacturers for being responsive and easy to work with. With this guiding philosophy, we now also work with the largest North American producers. 

For each log, the Optimil Infeed System scans and sets the machine, to achieve optimum recovery, while reducing the need for extensive log sorting and log yard handling. Speeds in excess of 200 mpm are routine, with production rates in excess of 150 m cubed per hour. The Optimil Canter uses linear bearings to achieve fast, accurate sets, remote weight from the moving frames and feedrolls powered by low inertia motors to maintain constant control of the piece. 

With over 100 6ft and 7ft bandmills installed worldwide, our unique overhung, bearing design achieves maximum sawing accuracy with minimum sawing deviation, while allowing us to close couple the bands, and achieve continuous control of the piece. Board Profilers and Gangsaws allow us to produce a multiple of products from a single piece, while reducing the machine centers required. The VDAG features a swing out door, for ease of saw change and maintenance. 

Optimil’s PLC Group programs equipment to achieve maximum performance, and maintain smooth operation including Primary Log Breakdown, Log Bucking PLC, Edger Controls and Planermill Controls. 

– International Forest Industries publication 

Optimil helps businesses level up their production quality and consistency. As leaders in sawmill machinery development, Optimil Machinery Inc. works with clients to ensure that their systems are performing at peak efficiency.